• The Shufflez: What to expect in Class?

    I provide an immersive experience that covers everything from the choreography behind the moves to the history of the song. You'll learn the basics in a few easy-to-understand steps, and then you'll have the chance to practice and practice until you've perfected the routine! You can count on learning the choreography to a song that I have featured in and produced by my friends. Not to mention, it has an extraordinary history with the Shufflez community. So, if you're ready to take your dance moves to the next level and learn something special, then sign up for one of my classes! I can't wait to get to know you and help you unlock your inner performer!

  • HITS: High in the Sky

    Putting out this song was exactly that. Making it in DUBSTEP? A reminder to myself where my inspirations in music came from. A beacon for myself during times where I needed to be reminded of where this all started and where I wanted to end up.
  • WHO ARE? Jaki Nelson & Joey Suarez.

    Jaki Nelson & Joey Suarez are two of the hottest names in House music. 
Since the beginning of quarantine, they've been toping Multiple Hou...

     "The Running Man" by Jaki Nelson and Joey Suarez is a celebration of hip-hop culture, marked by lyrical flow, fresh beats, and an upbeat style. Encouraging listeners to learn and perform the '90s classic dance move, it pays homage to its legacy and speaks to the power of hip-hop culture. Featuring liberating energy and fun sound, the song is sure to get anyone up on their feet showing off their newfound running man skills. The message behind the song is to pay respect for the dance move, keep its spirit alive and promote culture.

    Joey Suarez wrote the song I FEEL IT as a remix of his previous song @HOME, which is about how someone can be a safe place for you no matter where you are. The single is meant to pay homage to the timeless lovers in Joey's life and celebrates love in all its forms. By releasing this single, Joey hopes that his fans will feel the genuine love he has for the individuals he's shared it with and that it will give them a sense of happiness.

    The song "Changing History" by Jaki Nelson and Joey Suarez is an uplifting call for listeners to become the heroes of their dreams. The song opens with a piano and Jaki's clear voice, calling for courage and resilience. After inviting the listener to close their eyes and imagine, Joey joins in a chorus to proudly proclaim that they are changing history and pushing back as a community. In the second verse, Joey expresses the weight of this calling and how it isn't easy to bare alone. The song is an acoustic version of their electronic pop hit, showcasing their range of music and inviting the listener to join as a hero of their dreams.
  • HITS: Party Monster

    This song is a cautionary tale about the dangers of letting drugs and drama take over one's life. It is meant to serve as a stark reminder that endless nights of reckless behavior can have real-life consequences and that even though we may feel invincible in the moment, our choices may have life-altering repercussions. The lyrics urge us to take a step back, reevaluate our priorities, and make conscious decisions that prioritize our well-being over instant gratification. The song emphasizes that although partying can be enjoyable, it should never consume one's life to the point where they lose sight of what's truly important.
  • HITS: Dancing by Myself

    In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with LGBTQ singer songwriter Joey Suarez about his new dance hit "Dancing By Myself" that just landed at #5 and climbing on the UK Upfront Club Chart. The song remixed by chart-topping UK-based HausUnited landed just behind superstars Calvin Harris and Sam Smith. With that said he hope this song finds those who feel alone and are trying to dance away their troubles. 
  • STORE: Dirty Merch

    Joey Suarez was inspired to create a digital platform after his now ex boyfriend’s plan to launch ‘Dirty Merch’. To get started, he put his own closet up for sale, selling clothing items, shoes and accessories. He suggest pricing items above the $50 mark, noting that these customers will be more appreciative and respectful of the product. Ultimately, his goal was to show that monetizing one's online presence is possible. He encourages others to look at what they already have and make something from it.
  • HITS: ALIVE - The Remixes

    ALIVE is an anthem written and produced by Ted Kurie, Joey Suarez, Jasmine Buendicho, and Leo Madrid and later remixed by DJ Hector Fonseca and other DJs. It became popular in 9 different countries, topping #15 on BILLBOARD Dance Charts and #5 in MEXICO House Music. The song was written in 2018 to represent the feeling of hope after a long battle for what we believe in. It is meant to inspire, encourage and remind us of the importance of fighting for our beliefs even if victory remains uncertain. The repetitive lyrics are also meant to create an affirmation that no one is ever alone in a battle. The reminder from the song is that life is worth fighting for as long as we still breathe and those we love look up to us.
  • HITS: @Home

    In his song "At Home", Joey Suarez captures the magical power of love to offer support and security, no matter where one may be. The soothing musical backdrop of warm drums and delicate strings complements his emotionally stirring vocals, as he conveys his longing for his beloved. He reassures himself of his perpetual connection, no matter the distance, with vivid imagery of the constellations in his lover's eyes. Ultimately, the song speaks to the hope that love offers a true home that transcends physical spaces.

    "From fashion to music, Jaki Nelson and Joey Suarez bring a touch of sass to their collaboration with the enticing single 'OOH B! TCH'. Join the fashion frenzy and embrace the vibe with this catchy tune." Meanwhile, Joey is showcasing his talent in not just music, but also in dance through the music video, leaving everyone in awe with his impressive moves. The vibrant energy of the video, accompanied by the electrifying beats of "OOH B! TCH," is a perfect representation of the passion both Jaki and Joey bring to the table. It's an experience you won't want to miss!