HITS: ALIVE - The Remixes

The Meaning of "Alive" By Joey Suarez

The song "Alive" by Joey Suarez is an uplifting anthem that conveys the sentiment that life is worth fighting for. The song is a testament to the power of collective action, resilience and courage during arduous times. The song was originally composed by Ted Kurie, Joey Suarez m, Jasmine Buendicho and Leo Madrid. It was later remixed and published by AUDIO4PLAY, where it achieved notable success reaching several top 10 statuses in multiple countries.

The aim of this track is to provide inspiration and solace to those who are feeling alone and struggling with hardship. It is meant to remind listeners that even when life is hard and everything looks bleak, they are still alive and should keep pushing forward no matter what the situation. The core message of the song is to keep fighting for what one believes in, and to appreciate the value of life. Joey Suarez delivers powerful lines throughout the track emphasizing the idea of hope and perseverance during hard times.


Indeed, its chorus consists of the perfectly crafted mantra with the lines, "We are still alive, Life is worth fighting for" to remind its audience that no matter what we face, we should always choose life. The themes of resilience and courage featured in "Alive" can be inspirational to anyone who is fighting for something they believe in.



It serves as a reminder that no matter how hard it gets, people can still keep going. With its position as a pop culture juggernaut, the song serves to highlight the importance of strength in the face of adversity.


At its core, "Alive" by Joey Suarez is about staying alive, celebrating the value of life and never giving up no matter how hard it gets. It has the potential to inspire millions of its listeners and remind them that life is worth fighting for.