HITS: High in the Sky

The song "High in the Sky" by Joey Suarez does a great job of conveying the emotional roller coaster we experience when trying to chase our wildest dreams. The lyrics have a hopeful tone, as it encapsulates the moment when we find enough strength to push ourselves forward.

From the beginning, the lyrics portray this emotional rollercoaster of a journey. Describing the quest for validation from the people around us, and how this feeling of reliance doesn’t nurture lasting success. 

The pre-chorus expresses the raw feeling of courage and determination we must face when attempting something new. The chorus is a beautiful expression of all this power and emotion, calming vocals, and an upbeat instrumental. During this climactic moment, listening to this chorus can make us feel like we are already conquering our goals. 


Verse two, with its empowering and encouraging lyrics, brings us back to the reality that this success or failure ultimately depends on us. It is our choice to take the first step, and take the plunge.  “High in the Sky” speaks to those trying to break free of their comfort zone, and changes the perspective of the listener with its victorious chorus. 


Along with being anthemic, the track itself is addictive, with an explosive drop and captivating soundtrack. It is a song that unifies and uplifts, resonating with Joey Suarez's idea mission to transmute serotonin. This track is an empowering reminder that we are all capable of achieving our dreams with enough ambition. “High in the Sky” transcends the traditional boundaries of EDM and emphasizes the importance of believing in ourselves.

High in the Sky is a perfect representation of the emotions we go through when trying to reach those lofty heights. It is a reminder that we can accomplish the unimaginable, but it is up to us to take that leap. It reminds us that we must be hopeful and believe in our capabilities. Joey Suarez confesses that greatness is right there, just waiting for us to take it.


You can find this song amongst some of my original pop songs on my upcoming album: THIS SIDE OF STUPID. 💜🕺💜