In 2022, Joey Suarez's single "I FEEL IT" made waves in the music industry, reaching over 2 million plays. Fans who listened to the song were quickly moved by the healing power of music, connecting with its meaning and production at an instantaneous level.

The single is a remix of Suarez's song "@HOME" which talks about how someone can be your safe place, no matter where you are in the world. It drips with the euphoria of all kinds of love, the dramatic, the simple, the long-lasting, and all those in between, making it a song to celebrate all kinds of love.


Suarez is inspired by the timeless lovers in his life, and the pairings brought out by love. He hopes that through this single, his fans will feel the genuine love he has for the individuals he’s shared it with, and ultimately, be moved by its healing power and maybe get up and dance to its smooth salsa rhythm. 

This single shines a light on the beauty of relationships we yearn for in life. Reflecting on our experiences, the highs and lows, and the joys of love in the moments we spent with one another.

Suarez has mentioned that this single will feature on his upcoming album and will be a key piece for his musical journey. Its empowering lyrics and catchy beat are a shining testament to his creative and technical abilities which have resonated with listeners globally. 

From the streets and backyards to the studios and radio waves, "I FEEL IT" urges us to stay united and fill the air with love and compassion. A timeless single Sung by a timeless singer, Joey Suarez.