Jaki Nelson, an American singer-songwriter and music producer, paired up with her collaborator Joey Suarez, a budding Fashion Designer, to create the single "OOH B! TCH". The two were inspired to write this sultry song after Joey's music inspired his fashion designs.

As Joey explained it, his designs in turn inspired him to write music, and "OOH B! TCH" is the result of that creative synergy. Joey believes the song expresses what makes someone feel like a "B! TCH" and hopes his fashion-savvy fans embrace the spirit of the song by using it on Social Media and tagging him in their posts.

The release of "OOH B! TCH" has an accompanying music video that stars some of Joey's floor-shuffling friends and was produced and shot by @RAVETRAIN. In this action-packed video, you will see fire, sweat, and LED Lights--all sure to captivate audiences.

Putting out this single is extremely meaningful for both Jaki and Joey. Jaki is passionate about sharing a piece of her own heart's song about fashion, something which she finds a tremendous joy and challenge.

"OOH B! TCH" encourages people to show off their unique style with confidence, and this unique collaboration between a singer-songwriter and a fashion designer is sure to inspire the masses.

We encourage everyone to check out the song and music video on Jaki Nelson and Joey Suarez's YouTube Channels!





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