The Song "The Running Man" by Jaki Nelson & Joey Suarez 


The song "The Running Man" by Jaki Nelson and Joey Suarez was inspired by the classic dance move, ‘Running Man’. The two were in the studio together one day, mucking about with choreography and grooving to the beat when it hit them -- the song had to be about one of the dancing’s iconic moves.

With Nelson providing the production skills and Suarez supplying the flow, the two put their minds together and created "The Running Man".

The song is an unmitigated celebration of hip-hop culture and is meant to be danced to! With a legendary dance step, fresh beats, and an upbeat style, this tune makes you want to move and groove to it. Its liberating energy and fun sound make you want to pick up the rhythm of the track and shuffle around. The song encourages all the old-school hip-hop dancers to learn and perform the Running Man just like it was imagined back in the '90s. 

The message behind the song is to show respect for the dance move, to keep its spirit alive, and to promote the culture. As Joey Suarez puts it “The running man is a dance move that will never die, so why not make a song celebrating it?” 

At the same time, by performing and celebrating the move, they can honor its roots and help bring the dance back to the mainstream. With the release of "The Running Man" song, not only do Jaki and Joey celebrate the legacy of the move but also the legacy of the dancehall genre. 

This simple but heartfelt anthem is sure to get anybody on their feet, showing off their now newfound running man skills. So, get ready to get your groove on, because "The Running Man" is one hell of a time.