CH Acoustic


The future is in our hands, according to the inspiring duet "Changing" co-written by Jaki Nelson and Joey Suarez. This duo has us stirring with the invitation to become our HERO by ushering in a sense of change in our lives. 

The piano introduction, sung by Jaki Nelson, has us hooked with a sorrowful but powerful tone that reflects the oppression so many individuals have faced, as she sings of resilience and bravery as stepping stones to break society’s rules. Her voice is crystal clear and inviting, drawing us in to join her in her dreams of becoming a HERO. The following strings then introduce Joey Suarez as he invites us to walk this journey with him towards a better place, which we quickly realize is the chorus. 

The chorus is filled with a sense of joy, confidence, and strength. We are the trailblazers of our very own stories, removing the veil of secrecy that once enveloped our dreams, and pushing back together as a community. The strength of the melody and lyrics empowers us to be the HERO we yearn to be but feel alone in. 

In the second verse, Joey expresses how heavy the call to action is, and how support is what's needed to bear it. He reminds us that we don’t need to be alone and that we can become the HERO we strive to be, with his beautiful orchestration weaving its way in and out of Jaki’s piano-driven introduction and his beats. 

This duet is far more than just an inspiring and uplifting piece. It is a reminder of the importance of being part of a team and working together to achieve your aspirations. The EP of acoustic versions of their EDM/POP hits is a testament to the range of their music and should be commended as a well-crafted piece of art. 

As we embrace the concept of change with the powerful and joyful "Changing" by Jaki Nelson and Joey Suarez, let us all become the HERO of our dreams and be part of the cry for CHANGING HISTORY.