HITS: Party Monster

Are you getting lost in the party scene? It's a coincidence that you stumbled upon my song, "Party Monster." This song is not just a fun EDM-inspired Pop track, but it is a cautionary tale about the dangers of letting drugs and drama take over your life. I wrote this song based on the experiences I had with friends who lost themselves to partying. It serves as a stark reminder that the endless nights of reckless behavior can have real-life consequences.

The lyrics are hard-hitting, "Doctors say that I'm older. Doesn't mean that I'm getting bolder," which speaks to the fact that no matter how old we get, the consequences of our actions will catch up with us eventually. We may feel invincible while we're in the moment, but the repercussions of our choices can be life-altering.



So, let this song hit home, and let it serve as a warning to those who may be heading down this path. "Don't think it's over when I'm sober and the sun comes out." This simple phrase hits hard, reminding us that the party may end, but the damage can linger on. We need to take a step back, reevaluate our priorities before it's too late. We need to make conscious choices that prioritize our well-being over instant gratification. As someone who has been around the music scene for quite some time, I have seen those who have let partying take over their lives to the point where it ruined everything.

It's essential to recognize that life isn't just about the party scene. Yes, it's fun to dance, meet new people, and have a good time, but it should never consume our lives to the point where we lose sight of what's important. So, take a moment to listen to my song, "Party Monster." Let its beats and lyrics resonate with you. Let it serve as a powerful reminder that there are consequences to our actions. The party may feel endless now, but it's never too late to redirect course and prioritize our wellbeing.