HITS: @Home


"At Home" by Joey Suarez is a sentimental tribute to the power of love and the emotion it brings. It's a touching reminder of how finding love can make us feel safe and secure, no matter where we are in the world. 

The song begins with lush instrumentation, featuring warm drums and synths that create a comforting atmosphere. At the same time, delicate strings work their way into the mix, providing a captivating backdrop as Suarez’s understated yet stirring vocals take center stage. 

The song's lyrical content is profoundly heartfelt, as Suarez passionately explores the power of love to create a home, even when people feel lost and longing. He sings of his desire to be with his partner, no matter how far apart they may be. He laments the idea of being uprooted from the familiar and expresses that all he wants is to be at home with his beloved. 

Suarez also paints vivid imagery of the constellations in his lover's eyes and the magical feeling it brings. It's a breathtakingly poetic description of his desire to stay connected to this person, no matter the distance. 

In the end, the song looks to the hopeful prospect of finding a true home that may not be a tangible place but exists within the depths of a relationship. "At Home" by Joey Suarez is an inspirational reminder that love offers us a place to belong, a reminder that eventually, we'll always find our way back home.