The Shufflez: What to expect in Class?


If you’re looking for an exciting and fresh dance experience, you’ve come to the right place! With my class, you can expect to learn about the fascinating art of shuffling. 

PRACTICE AT HOME: From the choreography behind the moves to the history of the song, I provide an immersive experience unlike any other. Not only will you learn the basics in a few easy-to-understand steps, but you’ll also have a chance to practice and practice until you’ve perfected the routine!

IN PERSON: For the best results, I highly recommend that you arrive to class wearing the color of the day and ready to go. As a special reward, I’ll even throw you a free lesson! On top of that, I will be holding auditions for upcoming shows in the area, so it’s a great opportunity to show off your talent. 

ORIGINAL MUSIC: I pride myself on providing a safe and welcoming environment for all to express themselves through dance. Here, you can count on learning the choreography to a song that I have featured in, and produced by friends of mine. Not to mention, it has an extraordinary history with the Shufflez community. 


 So, if you’re looking to take your dance moves to the next level and learn something special, then make sure to sign up for one