STORE: Dirty Merch

ARTICLE: CLOSET For Sale By Joey Suarez: Embracing A Creative, Digital Marketplace

When Joey Suarez heard of his now ex boyfriend’s plan to launch ‘Dirty Merch’, a business dedicated to helping creators monetize their online presence, he was immediately inspired. His entrepreneurial spirit soon set him on the path to creating a digital platform, and what better way to start than by putting his own closet up for sale?

Clothing items, shoes, and accessories--all of Joey’s items are available for purchase in his closet. He explains that putting up his closet is not a foreign concept, but rather a creative way of repurposing what people already have in their life. Joey notes, “Sell everything you can on the internet like it's a garage sale.” 

When it comes to pricing, Joey offers a simple and valuable tip. He believes in placing items above the $50 mark. Although it may mean fewer customers, Joey reasons that these customers will be more appreciative and respectful of the product because they can see that they are getting good value for the money they spend. 


Ultimately, Joey Suarez wanted to help people realize that monetizing their online presence is legitimate and possible. Not only did he accomplish this goal through running the ‘Dirty Merch’ business with his boyfriends, but through his own closet too. 

He encourages everyone to look at what they already have and make something from it. It could be an opportunity to clear out unnecessary items or just make some good money. Whatever the opinion may be, Joey’s creative decision to embrace a digital marketplace will undoubtedly help many others do the same.