• HITS: The Shufflez

     The song "The Shufflez" by Jaki Nelson and Joey Suarez was written in response to the artist's experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. With her tour canceled, her company closed, and her LA friends gone, Nelson turned to TikTok to find inspiration, leading to her gaining 10 million views on shuffling videos. This led to her connecting with other passionate shufflers and revitalizing her purpose, calling, and drive in life. The song captures the feeling of when the shufflers would come together around a speaker and dance.

  • Amazon Influencer Store

    Joey Suarez has been showing fans his unique fashion through Amazon for years, and recently decided to take it to the next level by introducing exclusive designs with Amazon Merch. His motivation for this was to bridge the gap between men's and women's fashion in the EDM world. The project also encapsulates his bedroom items, kitchen sink and everything else he has ever purchased from Amazon. This project means a lot to him, as he is able to express himself through fashion and help create a more unified clothing style in the EDM world.

    Joey Suarez's single "I WANT IT" is a remix of his previous song "LOVE ME BACK" that seeks to represent a new direction in his music career. It has already acquired 500,000 plays on social media, connecting with many people through a celebration of self-love and freedom from the restrictions of conformity. Not only is it an emotional pick-me-up but fans can also receive I WANT IT-themed merchandise and bonus downloads from his website, alongside the release of multiple videos and podcast episodes. The song is the perfect reminder of self-care and survival with its original message of turning over a new leaf and discovering oneself.
  • HITS: Love me back

    Joey Suarez's pop track "Love Me Back" is an uplifting anthem of self-love, encouraging listeners to activate their own self-acceptance and stand up for themselves. Drawing from his own experience as an artist, Suarez conveys the idea that life is not necessarily about appeasing those who expect things from us but rather about focusing on loving ourselves and projecting our self-confidence into the world. This resonates with many of us who have invested our time, energy and love in people who never seem to reciprocate, using the song as a reminder to reclaim our power and not settle for relationships and friendships without the love we deserve.
  • HITS: EASY Featuring Joey Suarez

    Leo Forest and Joey Suarez teamed up in 2021 to release the song "Easy", inspired by the liberating feeling of human connection after a conversation with a barely-known acquaintance. In 2022, the duo toured the UK club circuit, with 5 of the country's most famous Shufflers, seeing success when it reached #5 in the UK Club charts. On social media, "Easy" was able to generate 1 million views, plays, and impressions.

    Joey Suarez wrote the song EYEZ WIDE OPEN about his experiences during the pandemic. Each aspect of his life was affected, from his work to his personal relationships. Though it was a difficult period, he ultimately emerged from it stronger and with a greater sense of identity. While friends used him to advance their ambitions, Suarez was ultimately unbroken. The song offers a reminder that he won, highlighting the strength he gained thanks to lessons learned throughout the pandemic. EYEZ WIDE OPEN is set to feature on Suarez's upcoming album This Side of Stupid, produced by Jaki Nelson and Ron Geffen.
  • Who is Joey Suarez?

    Joey Suarez is one of the hottest names in House Music. Since the beginning of quarantine, they've been topping Multiple House Charts across (Billboard, iTunes, Beatport, and Trax-source). Earning him features on Huffington Post, Digital Journal, and EDM.com. Totaling more than 25 Million plays & views across multiple platforms.