HITS: The Shufflez

One of the songs that I released was titled "The Shufflez" in collaboration with Jaki Nelson. From the first bar, we knew that this song could bring all cultures, crews, and individuals together. It had such undeniable energy and joy about it that it almost felt like we were all controlling it—almost like each of us was creating our unique flavor.


The Shufflez offers an emotional journey in a colorful melody of drums, bass, and synths. A fast upbeat beat portrays the passionate energy of each beat. The chorus introduces a melodic vocal line that captivates and lures the listener. This part of the song alone was seen across the internet in thousands of different forms, each participant almost making it their own.


The music video captures the essence of that community, and that’s exactly what it felt like when we were writing it. That overwhelming feeling of being in a group, in a room surrounded by other people that just get it. Jaki and I added our flavor to the track, which helped us capture the spirit of shuffling: confidence and unpredictability. Those are the feelings that it evokes in a spinning circle when the beat drops and you’re feeling it—all together.


The Shufflez’ is a song for the culture, for when we’re together again. It’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever loved the sound and spirit of shuffling. It’s a reminder of the joy and passion found in the magic of music, even during the toughest moments. It’s a way to keep the culture alive and reinvent ourselves every day.

SUMMARY: The song "The Shufflez" by Jaki Nelson and Joey Suarez was written in response to the artist's experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. With his tour canceled, his company closed, and his LA friends gone within their nature, Joey turned to TikTok to find inspiration, leading to his gaining 10’s of millions views on online. Which eventually led to his connecting with other passionate shufflers and revitalizing his purpose, calling, and drive in life. The song captures the feeling of when the shufflers would come together around a speaker and dance.