Joey Suarez's single, "I WANT IT", is an electrifying and sexy remix that was inspired by his song "LOVE ME BACK". It contains a distinct message of turning over a new leaf, reinventing himself as an artist, and pushing his art into a new direction. 


The song has already acquired over 500,000 plays on social media, with many citing it as a fresh and level-upped version of the artist's original song. It is not only a tribute to his previous relationship with model Alex Espenshade, but also a representation of the love that the pair once shared. 

There is no doubt that this song gives listeners an emotional pick-me-up while they are listening, as it inspires feelings of sexiness and self-love. It is also not strictly just a love song; it also celebrates individuality and the strength that comes with being unapologetically you.

For those looking for an even greater experience, Suarez is also providing the opportunity to order some special merchandise from his website and receive a free digital copy of his album as a bonus. On top of that, the artist has already released multiple social media-themed videos and even a podcast episode that sheds light on the story and process behind "I WANT IT". 

All in all, Joey Suarez's single "I WANT IT" is an energizing, sexy, and uplifting song. It has been moving the masses since its release, and, between the song, the merchandise, and still more to come, is sure to remain inspiring for a long time yet.

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