"Eyes Wide Open" by Joey Suarez: A Song of Strength and Endurance"


At the time when the Covid-19 pandemic had been declared and many parts of the world went into lockdown, Joey Suarez penned the song "Eyes Wide Open". He draws on his struggles during this time, which he shares as an accompaniment to the powerful and emotive track. 


Taking inspiration from his personal experiences, these words are an anthem of strength and resilience, with Suarez detailing how the adversity of life has given him the power to persevere and create the life he wants for himself. In the lyrics, Suarez speaks of the disappointment of having his ambitions for his personal and professional life halted due to the pandemic shutdown, yet instead of this causing him to falter, Suarez embraced the difficulties he encountered and pushed through.

The song poignantly chronicles how Suarez's relationships with friends and partners were strained, yet despite this, Suarez emerged stronger and emerged triumphant over not only these conflicts but the external pressures and demands of life. In a time of loneliness, Suarez was allowed to look inward, revisit his dreams, and discover his ambition anew. The chorus of "Eyes Wide Open" highlights this, serving as a reminder of his mental fortitude during a bleak period.

This remarkable story is an inspiration to countless others also struggling in life who, in addition to making any pressing changes, should reflect upon the song's simple message of enduring hardships with strength and pride. This is where Joey Suarez exists today, one of strength and resilience, with his reminder that no matter how difficult life gets, it is always possible to use difficulty to forge your path. Consequently, "Eyes Wide Open" is a song that continues to encourage strength, determination, and hopes for those going through times of hardship despite the end of the pandemic.