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With over 950K Views on TIKTOK ALONE! I am so excited to share this Q&A about my song I FEEL IT. 

1. What inspired you to write these two songs?

I FEEL IT is a remix of my song @HOME which sings about how someone can be your safe place no matter where you are. I am excited to feature in my upcoming album MEOW MIXES: NSFW Edition. 


2. What does putting out this single mean to you?

It means highlighting the love of my life Alex Espenshade and everything he has been through with me. Honestly I wrote this song hoping I would one day have someone to sing it about. I believe I found that person. 


3. What do you hope this single will mean to others who hear it?

I hope it makes them feel the genuine love I have for my boyfriend Alex and how we want to share it with he world


4. Are you excited to do a Music Video for this song?

Yes! After having these videos reviewed by most platforms and rejected for being “too sexy”? I decided to host these videos on OF and my Website for purchase. So click the link below and decide for yourself. It’s featuring the love of my life, Alex Espenshade.