@joeywsuarez Who’s gunna #chacha #shuffle slide with @badlygood and I? 😂❤️ #dirtydancing #ahuffledance #fyp #foryou #joeywsuarez #theshufflez ♬ 原聲 - Cindy👄



What inspired you to write BTH?


  • I was inspired Ana K who I first saw dancing in HEELS on Instagram. She was absolutely magical, beautiful, and I needed to join her! After collaborating with Anna with some dance videos and getting over 500K Views together. We decided to make a song about it!
What does putting out this single mean to you?


  • It means the end of a really hard chapter in my life. My 20’s. Namely my previous marriage, toxic ex boyfriends, toxic friends, and just the over immature was I lived my life. 


What do you hope this single will mean to others who hear it?


  • I hope we get as many shuffler to dance in HEELS as possible! PLEASE! <3 I will share you videos and draw $100 winners weekly for a month for the best videos. 


Are you excited to release this music video with Anna?


  • I am beyond WORDS! My first time shuffling in HEELs and I am so excited it about it. Shhhhhh… You gotta find out when its time! <3