What inspired you to write EWO?


    • I was inspired by heart ache, betrayal, and loneliness when I wrote this song. It’s about all of the people that I though were close to me, who decided to abandon me in my greatest moment of need. 


    What does putting out this single mean to you?


      • It means the end of a really hard chapter in my life. My 20’s. Namely my previous marriage, toxic ex boyfriends, toxic friends, and just the over immature was I lived my life. 


      What do you hope this single will mean to others who hear it?


        • I hope they can relate to what it feels like to be heart broken. To have your closest friends turn against you. To find love again for yourself, and to be the only person you need. It’s not a sad song. It’s a liberation from others. 


        Are you excited to release 12 songs this year?


          • I am thrilled to have mustered up so much music during this pandemic. I am actually busting at the seems at this point, so yes! I am releasing at least 1 song a month this year, starting in May.  It’s so exciting!


          Who are some of the artists we can expect to see you with in the next few years?

          • Shhhhhh… You gotta find out when its time! <3