CH Acoustic



What inspired you to produce this track?


  • Jaki & I put out mostly dance music, but are both classically trained musicians by trade. So we wanted to highlight that with a piano arrangement of a few of our hits. This one being Changing History, arranged by Jaki herself, mixed & mastered by Ron. Written by us both.
What does putting out this single mean to you?


  • It means a lot to finally share this side of my music with everyone. I feel like for the first couple of years of my career I’ve put up a lot of walls and haven’t been able to reach my fans on a deeper level. I hope this reaches them where my other music could not. 


What do you hope this single will mean to others who hear it?


  • I hope we reflect on the hardships we’ve all endured the last couple of years and find peace with the past. This  song was always meant to acknowledge the efforts se must make for change and the liberation that awaits us on the end. A feeling I think we can all relate to after being so confined for years.