Amazon Influencer Store




What inspired you to team up with @AmazonInfluencers?


    • After years of showing off my clothes, style, and festival accessories online. I realized a lot of comments were about items I didn’t personally sell myself? In fact I literally bought most of these outfits on Amazon! So when there was a chance to share my purchases with my fans, while still paying my bills? Hell yeah! Sign me up. 


What does putting out these designs mean to you?


    • I’ve always loved dressing myself, my friends, and anyone who would let me for festivals. Not only did I find this sort of fashion to be very fun, but I did notice a lot of in-congruencies between the men and women fashion within the EDM world. So I saw that as n opportunity to express myself and make some outfits. 


What do you hope creating Fashion along side Music will mean to others who hear it?


    • I believe creating fashion right along side my music is inherently what its meant to be. I am as much inspired by the fashion of Festivals as I am the music they boom. So it only seems right I put out a complimentary pair of outfits for all of my music, 


Are you excited to release another store?


    • I will probably be releasing new stores and songs for the rest of my life! I just love business. I love creating, and I love watching it prosper. 


What are some of the items we can expect to see?

  • Well it ain’t just my outfits available no more! It’s my kitchen sink, everything in the cabinets, my bedroom items, you see it? It’s listed cause every single thing I have ever bought on Amazon is on my store page now.